Monday, February 2, 2009

Carolyn's Bio Summary

According to my Parents' memory, my diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy was at 13 months old. At birth, there were no apparent signs of any problems. Many people, including some professionals, assume that because Cerebral Palsy is a "non-progressive disorder", physical functioning will remain much the same throughout life. This is not necessarily the case.

While some people lose no more functioning than might be expected from the normal aging process, others will develop secondary physical problems. Well, it turns out that I am one of those persons who developed numerous secondary physical problems.

After I graduated from High School, and before my time in college, I corresponded with many soldiers serving in South Vietnam during the time of the Vietnam War. Most of the soldiers were located in Saigon and Da Nang. The most interesting ones were the married soldiers who only wanted to share their thoughts about their children and their wives.

At Bunker Hill Community College, I received an Associates Degree in Human Services. Then, I transferred to Boston University where I earned my BA degree in Medical Sociology. After graduating, I began my Masters Program in Medical Sociology, but then my symptoms escalated to the point where I had to take a "Medical Leave" from Boston University.

After Boston University, I did medical research in two of Boston's best Pediatric Hospitals...In addition, I worked at the Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston in the Egyptian Department. I did numerous projects for them. Assisting them with the Mummy Show was long and tedious work, but I learned much about Ancient Egypt.

What am I going to accomplish at the end of my life? Or, is it the beginning of my life...? I have had so many lives! Or, should I say, that I went through many "Adolescent Periods"!

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