Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caregivers' Mission, According To Carolyn

Caregiver(s) steps out of the boundaries of expectations.

Caregiver(s) should always put the person in our care ahead of us. If the Person in care is an infant; we are always on "baby time"!

We should never let the Person in our care feel the "Fear of Uncertainty".

Without a Caregiver(s), persons who are dependent
upon us to promote their independence
could not participate in their communities.

Most of all, Caregiver(s) should promote
: advocacy and quality for the protection of the person in our care,
security in the homes of persons with disabilities and elderly persons in our care.

Responsibility is the most important role of a Caregiver.
A Caregiver requires a unique personality involving maturity,
caring, patience, and flexibility.
Persons with disabilities and elderly persons,
who require care are dependent upon us to live in their homes.

Caregiver(s) are Parents caring for their disabled child.
Caregiver(s) are adult children caring for their elder Parents.
Caregiver(s) are young adult grandchildren
caring for either one or two Grand Parents.

A Caregiver promotes: compassion, health, wellness,
and a caring touch for those in need.
Caregiver(s) provides a positive atmosphere, and is willing to explore a variety of
opportunities in the Health Care Realm.

A Caregiver(s) has to take care of herself or himself first to care for a person, for example an Alzheimer's patient. If Caregiver(s) do not take care of themselves, they cannot take care of others.
Caregiver(s) who choose to be Caregiver(s) have one common
Denominator -- Exhaustion.
The Exhaustion is both Physical and Emotional!
Good Caregiver(s) require "Respite"!

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