Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caregiver(s) Philosophy

We value "Teamwork" for persons in our care,
we consider to think "We and Us"!

There is absolutely no letter “I” in the word “Teamwork”!

We believe in "Building Long-Term", trusting relationships with the persons in our care, and the other "Caregivers" who we work with and depend upon.
We value our Truth and Integrity.

Never compromise our ideals for the persons in our care! Be consistent and fair as a Caregiver.

We became Caregivers to promote protection, and security in the homes of persons with disabilities. In addition, let us not forget the most fragile in our care. The elderly persons with disabilities such as persons who has strokes, persons with Alzheimer's Disease.

We are committed to ongoing training as a "Caregiver Member", and education, which develops pride, job enrichment, and our personal and professional growth.

We believe “Our People Make The Difference”; knowing that our future rests on our work ethic, image, knowledge, imagination, skills, dependability and integrity of our "Team Members", we respect and value these qualities most highly.

We value “Caregiver’s Image”.

Our public perception of our "Team Members" is necessary and essential to our success for the protection and security of the persons in our care.

We are committed to growth. We believe this provides the greatest assurance of security and promotional opportunities for each "Team Member".

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