Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Insulin For Gia

How to Administer Insulin to Gia

YOU MUST MAKE SURE GIA EATS BEFORE YOU GIVE HER INSULIN. If you are unsure if she has eaten, DO NOT give her any insulin, as she might become hypoglycemic and start having seizures. It is better and safer to skip a dose and have her hyperglycemic.

Gia gets 2 main meals a day, so that we ensure she is hungry enough to eat right before we administer the insulin.

Gia is on a 12 hour schedule of 1 unit of insulin dosages. It is preferred to have doses within a 30 minute window. For example, if her last dose was at  5:30pm, then between 5am-6am would be a reasonable time frame for her to receive her next insulin shot. Just do your best with the timing--it might not be always within that 30 minute window, but as long as you record the time accurately and honestly we should be able to get Gia on a good schedule on her next dose.

Holding Gia in your lap is an easier way to make sure she doesn't squirm away. The needle is tiny and it might not feel like you pierced her. After you inject the insulin, you can rub the area to make sure there isn't any wetness. If it is dry, then the needle went into her skin and she actually received the one unit of insulin. (Otherwise you didn't pierce her skin and will have to do it again.)

Gia appreciates your love, care, and attention very much on the road to recovering her normal self.