Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Fortieth Anniversary of Apollo

I do remember that day very clearly. My family and I were very nervous. As you see, numerous astronauts died during experiments and testing, so landing on the moon would be a big achievement for us.

I do remember President Kennedy's speech about the Space Program and going to the moon. He did not see it, he envisioned it!

The Apollo Program

NASA Links About Apollo

Non-NASA Links About Apollo

  • Apollo and the Smithsonian Institution: An interesting exhibit about Project Apollo created by the National Air and Space Museum.
  • Boeing Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Apollo 11: A site about Boeing North American (the former Rockwell aerospace units) and McDonnell Douglas, and their roles in helping to make possible the first Moon landing.
  • The Apollo Mode Decision: A good private site at Clemson University on the debate over the method of flying to the Moon with Project Apollo.
  • "To the Moon" the companion Web site to the two-hour NOVA special that chronicles the untold science and engineering story of how we got to the moon. The program will be broadcast on PBS at 8 pm on July 13,1999.
  • "Washington Goes to the Moon": A two-part radio program that deals with the political story of the acquiring and sustaining of support of the Apollo lunar landing program in the 1960s. Produced by WAMU-FM, the public radio station of the American University in Washington, D.C., the show's web site also has transcripts of the two programs, on-line documents, and transcripts of interviews with key personnel.
  • Apollo at American Samoa: Some interesting information about the Apollo missions that landed near and then passed through American Samoa.
  • Apollo Saturn Reference Page: Detailed technical information about the Saturn Launch Vehicles for modelers and space buffs, by a private enthusiast.
  • Contact Light: A personal recollection of the Apollo missions to the Moon. This site by a private enthusiast includes some cool video and audio clips, a lunar landing simulator game, and reference tables.
  • Where Were You? This web site is dedicated to collecting memories from the various points of view of people who where alive during the historic landing of Apollo 11.
  • "One Giant Leap" commemorates the anniversary of Apollo 11 with a visual journey and interesting facts and data..
  • First Moon Landing in 1969 marked an entire generation: Memories of the first moon landing on October 4, 1969
  • Apollo 11 Commentary: Contains the complete audio air to ground transmissions in streaming format
  • Man In Space: Study of Alternatives: This is a National Park Service study to identify possible locations and other components of the national park system that pertain to Apollo.
  • Virtual AGC and AGS Home Page Project Overview: A page devoted to the Apollo guidance computer.

On-line Books Concerning Project Apollo:

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